Feature Requests

SugarSync integration (9)
Update documentation about not possible to change Encryption password (3)
Odrive agent missing features to be used as a professional tool (5)
HEIC Thumbnail support? (3)
Amazon WorkDocs (6)
WebDAV without authentication (3)
Search functionality for the odrive web client (7)
Encryption for the Linux CLI Agent (12)
Moving, Copying, and Syncing Files Between Services (Storage Clouds) (9)
G Suite Team Drive Integration ( 2 ) (35)
Support for 'S3-like' endpoints (compatible with S3 APIs) (6)
S3 compatible service support (3)
Pin folder to never unsync? (5)
SmugMug link connector (6)
Wasabi support? (8)
Mass restore deleted files (5)
Unsync and read only folder attribute (6)
Extracting Comments attached to slack files on sync (3)
View my Pending Deletes (2)
Add support for JottaCloud? (5)
No error report with Google Drive folder trailing whitespace (2)
Office co-authoring (2)
AWS S3 Progress Indicator on OS/X (5)
Odrive on Web - Need to Sort by Folder/File Name/Date/Size/Type ( 2 ) (22)
Touch-Friendly Web Interface (2)
Instagram Likes? (3)
One way sync (Cloud to PC) (6)
Opendrive support? (3)
Launch .cloud files from within apps (6)
Support for iCloud (17)