MediaFire Support


I’m gonna really miss and to replace it I’ve decided to use MediaFire. I really love odrive it has made my life so much easier and I would really love to have MediaFire integrated with it. My thanks goes out to the entire odrive team you guys are awesome, continue innovating :v:

Media Fire Support
Baidu sync support?

@Nathan_Elliot can you tell me what drew you to MediaFire? Why did you choose it to replace Copy?


@Tony A few factors came into play in my decision on MediaFire, some of which include:

  • A service that has been around for a long while & may not close down like
  • A service that is popular & trusted.
  • A large file size upload limit of at least 10GB or more.
  • Desktop, Web & mobile access, which is pretty standard now i guess but nevertheless.
  • Free extendable storage (10GB - 40GB), like
  • A simple & aesthetic user interface.
  • …and odrive integration :wink:

I have been looking at others services, like pCloud which would be nice to have for odrive as well but I’m not sure how recognized it is and Mega as well but I’m still uncertain about them.


I have been using MediaFire for some time and just got hooked up with odrive. I would love to be able to use my MediaFire storage with odrive. What are the chances of that happening??


When will Mediafire be included? Thanks.


Mediafire support would be cool, because i think they discontinued their Desktop App or at least i cant find it on their website to download i can only find the IOS and Android App and the rest is for Linux Based OS like Linux Mint and others, so adding Mediafire support would a +1 to ODrive! :+1:


Do you have any plans to support Media Fire?



No plans, currently, but thanks for letting us know you are a user. With enough interest it could bump this integration up on our list.


Yes Please if you could integrate MediaFire to Odrive I would like to show my interest by way of replying to this thread. Thank You!


It seems to be another good free cloud with options.


how it comes Mediafire and Mega are not yet implemented?


We have suspended adding new integrations while we are working on our next major version of odrive. Once we start in on integrations again we will be evaluating what to add next.


Hi. Much time has past. Still no Mediafire support?


One more vote for Mediafire support!


Any more info on MediaFire support? I am very much wanting to make the switch to odrive, but until I can attach my 10TB of MediaFire storage, I will have to continue using MultiCloud.


Thank You so much… you all guys helped a lot