Define proxy settings for Odrive

I see there is an old topic about adding proxy configuration feature to drive:

Is that feature still not developed or are there alternative ways to define an outbound proxy via an environment variable, etc.

Hi @jarrid.kleinfelter,
This is still outstanding, but I’ve asked the product team to see if they can give it some priority.

Any updates? This is a feature that is required for use in any business or corporate network.

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Hi, are there any updates in this feature? This feature is critical to businesses.

I support this feature request.

Odrive sync stopped working on my company provided laptop since zScaler Proxy was implemented.

Hi @adikawidya,
There were recent additions to the latest versions of odrive that added some additional proxy support. Can you make sure you are on the latest version by doing the following?

  1. Exit odrive
  2. Download the latest installer from here: Set Up Your odrive
  3. Install

After install, are you still experiencing issues with your proxy? If so, can you please try to send a diagnostic:

If it doesn’t go through, please attached the local file that is created, here.

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