Sync Scheduling

Would love to see some rule features for non-continuous sync. Some examples might be: sync once per hour, sync only during this specific time, or sync continuous during this period but not during another time period.

The specific use for me is that I occasionally am running software which makes a lot of temporary changes that don’t all need to be synced. Disallowing file types isn’t plausible because I do still need those to be occasionally synced. Blacklist seems to leave lots of files in “waiting”, “not allowed”, or “trash bin” (even with auto-empty trash enabled). But I digress.


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Thanks for the suggestion @psymbionic.

Currently you can “Stop automatic sync” from the top of the odrive menu. That can be used to hold off syncing until it is turned on again (or odrive is restarted), but it does need to be done manually. Perhaps we can expose this within the CLI or advanced options to allow it to be set externally (using scheduled tasks/cron, for example).

These items should be ignored in most cases. If you have any steps to reproduce the unexpected behavior, I can look into it.

Would love to see CLI options for turning automatic sync on / off on a timer or setting up specific times in which all sync can be done at once!