Plugin for Storj

You can read more about Storj here:

It’s a new blockchain based, decentralized storage solution that will change the way we think about storage and security in the cloud. It’s also the more affordable storage option available and will continue to be.

It would be excellent if we could get a plugin to support Storj. They have an open API as well!


Thanks for reaching out @jacob. Looks pretty slick. I have notified the product team about it so that they have it on their radar.

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Very interested in using this with odrive. Just started sharing my drive on storj :slight_smile:

Any update on this? Storj has just started integrating with FileZilla. It’d be most amazing to see a sync option being offered with someone, especially oDrive, even if it’s just a beta option for now!

I support this integration!
Would definitely want this one…

This would throw all Azure, B3 and Backblaze integrations to trashbin in one go!

@Tony Have you all given any more thought to this over the last 5 years? :slight_smile:
Storj looks amazing.