The great thumbnail debate redux

Long time customer, not first time poster, but it HAS been a while. I’ve been a steady Odrive customer since Jan 2017. Since then, I have seen, and probably have asked this question. As I enter 2023, I’m still blown away that I cannot see thumbnails on my images and videos in explorer when their .cloud stubs are left behind. I have terabytes over terabytes of data on different cloud providers. this is why I remain a loyal customer. But simply put, the web viewer is not good enough. Half the time I want thumbnails not just to look at, but to manage my files. find duplicates, organize them differently, and I cannot operate over my files this way through the viewer option that has been the only solution from Odrive for this. Or more honestly, I cannot do it in a reasonably efficient manner, at all.

Why can’t odrive premium have something that generates a thumbs.db equivalent and use it to give us the equivalent of what windows does (OR Mac OR Linux OR Android OR iOS) when the files are local? certainly if you can preview an image in the web, you can also generate a GUID and put it in the stub .cloud file to refresh the image? I would happily give up a stipend of my paid storage per provider to host meta data that would enable this, and if you made it an option in premium, those that arent happy to give up that stipend can simply disable that capability.

Im asking to please give this cabability some priority. I was one of the very first people asking for the backup options which you now provide, so I know you listen to your customers. Please reasses this and give it some due dilligence.

Many thanks in advance for the years of providing a great tool overall in cloud data management.

Hi @toupeiro,
It is nice to see you back around here! We appreciate your feedback and interest in this type of feature.

This is something that would definitely be nice to have and provide value, but it is not targeted for implementation and not likely to be included in the future, at least for the current desktop client product. My apologies for any frustration or disappointment this may cause.

It is possible something like this will make an appearance in future product, but I can’t provide any details about if/when that would happen.