Support for Azure Storage/Blob

I would love to be able to sync from an azure storage/blob

Thanks for the feedback. I have been wondering when someone would request this. :wink:

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also looking for this - I have tried to Setup a Connection with one of the existing Drivers, but it did not work

Yeah… I would definitely love to see this Azure Storage connection also available.

Azure is fastest growing cloud at the moment so support for that is must have.

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Is this integration also planned of next major release?
At least I heard that B2 is, but is also Azure blob?

I need this so badly, this would make me want to upgrade to Premium.


I am now uploading all my private stuff to Azure, around 1.3TB - as a redundant copy.

Standard storage blob (hot) is now only $6 per TB a month[EDIT: this is totally wrong - actually is $60], latency is quite low. If you want to go lower than $6 per TB there are always trade-offs which make its usefulness questionable.

By (very unscientific) comparison on Google Drive, Using GoodSync it took forever (around 2-3 hours) just to create empty folders, before starting to actually sync.

On Azure it took 4 minutes to create the folders! Sustained transfer rate is 6-15MB/Sec, slower than Google Drive but still acceptable for me, its the latency that “kills” Google Drive. Synchronizing after initial seeding should be quite fast with Azure.

I will lose convenient way of file sharing with Azure, but connecting to oDrive would solve that.

Any more takers?

Hi @gigaseven,
Thanks for adding you thoughts here. We don’t have Azure on the roadmap, but it is on a list of integrations that we think would be nice to have.

My previous understanding of Azure pricing was that it was about $20/TB for their standard hot tier. Did they recently reduce this?

Have you tried Wasabi storage? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

Seems like I am wrong about Azure pricing by a factor of 10:

That means $60 instead of $6

I am now uploading on Wasabi, upload speed is good but sustained download speed is not great, but that is acceptable for me.

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