Ability to preview Audio & Video files

Some sync clients allow for right clicking on the file and “preview” and opens a little window and plays the file/flip through he document etc.

I think this would be a very useful feature.

Making the WEB interface more user friendly would be amazing.


Good suggestions @jeffluebbert.

These are ideas we would like to incorporate in future versions, to further blur the lines between local and cloud. Ideally this would be available from within Explorer and Finder, rather than requiring a move to the web client.

Our first iteration of this would likely be image previews and then we would look at doing the same with video and audio.

Thanks for reaching out!

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I think that’s not the only case. I think it will be a great feature to preview in the web too. This applies to people who just want to manage their clouds on the internet, and to those who want to download certain photo/music/video from a particular cloud.


This is exactly right @lehneman .One does not always have enough space on the computer with multiple cloud drives and so it becomes important to have a preview when having 1000’s of documents/music/vid etc. This way rather than having it on the computer, it could be ‘streamed’ from the cloud. I think this would be very beneficial.

I really do hope though that MEGA will be introduced soon. I have most of my stuff on there and so must wait a little bit before I can fully use ODRIVE to its best.


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