Any support for iDrive planned?

Is there any support for iDrive ( planned at all?


Hi Graham,

While we do not have iDrive specific integration at the moment, they do support WebDav which will allow you to access your files:

Just click Manage Links from the odrive icon in the task bar, click Get More Links and select WebDav. Enter in the information outlined above and you should be all set!

Hi Eric,

Many thanks for the info. I’ve tried the WebDav link but it comes back with:

Cannot connect to WebDAV server. There is a mismatch with the authentication type and server connection.

I’ve tried it with SSL selected and deselected but I get the same error. It could well be a iDrive issue though so I’ll check with their support.

Kind regards


Hi Graham,

Thanks for the follow up. They do show it as being in Beta, and I just noticed this in the fine print as well: “WebDAV is only available for accounts with default encryption” which is probably not included with the free plan.

Looks like it might still be a work in progress. I’ve got a paid subscription so I should be ok on that front.

Thanks for taking a look at it.


Is there plans for adding cloud to the mix?
They have 5GB free storage as well.

We do not have plans to support iDrive (aside from supporting WebDAV in general see above), currently, but that can change if there is enough interest.

I also use idrive and do not understand how to make odrive work with it via webdev is there a step-by-step user guide? thanks

Hi @2commakid,
I don’t know is anyone has successfully been able to connect without getting SSL errors at this time, idrive WebDAV is still in beta according to their site but you can try this:

Click on the odrive icon and select Manage Storage (this will open a webpage)
Click on the + Plus sign at the bottom
Select WebDAV
Enter The URL, Username and password as prompted and link the account

I’ve also tried to link iDrive, but no success. iDrive has a page describing the integration, but I have not been able to integrate., please support iDrive integration asap!

Hi @jasonlroach,
We support general WebDAV, but don’t have any near-term plans to integrate to iDrive, directly. Have you reached out to iDrive about their WebDAV interface to see if they have any info to share?

I know this is an old thread, but even 3 years later, I would greatly appreciate direct support of iDrive from within odrive. WebDAV was never a real alternative, as they dis-allow WebDAV to transfer multiple files at once. They (now) explicitly state that WebDAV support is meant solely to open/save individual files, such as an Office document after opening and editing it.

They must know, of course, that their pricing model is likely to not be tenable if people start uploading 5TB of data via WebDAV all day and night for weeks on end.

Of course, odrive support would result in the same behavior, most likely, so I am not sure whether a true integration would even be possible/allowed.

But if there is a way, then I’d be all for it!

Hey @Till_Krueger! It is nice to see you back here.

Unfortunately the interest for iDrive has never reached a level that would make sense for us to implement and maintain a dedicated API for it.

How are you liking the iDrive service? I know that it is an attractive to folks due to its low storage costs, but I haven’t seen much feedback in terms of its functionality/reliability/performance.