Syncing Zoho Docs


I love odrive and it works flawlessly on my many Google, Dropbox, Box, etc etc accounts. The only one that is missing is Zoho Docs, where I still have to use Zoho’s Desktop client, which is inconvenient. Do you have plans to include Zoho Docs? Hopefully…


Glad you’re having a great experience with odrive so far.

Honestly speaking, we don’t have any currently plans to support Zoho Docs, but we may at some point in the future if there’s a lot more demand. (Everybody, if you want Zoho Docs, please let us know!)

It’s unfortunate that Zoho Docs doesn’t support any standard protocols for uploading (e.g. WebDAV / FTP / SFTP). Because then we’d already support them.

Anyway, we’ll post back here if anything changes, but it could be a long while before it becomes a priority.


Thanks Jeff, I shall nudge them


It will be good to support Zoho Docs.