How do I Move or Migrate files from one storage provider to another?

How do I move of migrate my file from one storage provider to another?


Currently odrive cannot facilitate moving files between remote storage, directly, but it can still make movement/migration easy.

Once you have logged in and linked your desired storage providers at you can download and install the desktop client.

In this example I will copy files from OneDrive to Amazon Cloud Drive.

To copy your files and/or folders from one cloud storage provider to another you must first synchronize all the files from the source.

  • To do this right click on the source cloud folder, select Sync, then be sure to set the slider to Everything, and check Include subfolders then click on the arrow button.

  • Ensure all your files are downloaded to your computer (identified by a blue badge on all files and folders). If you are moving large files or folders, you can just do one at a time depending on available hard drive space.

  • Now simply copy all the files and/or folders from source

  • and paste them in the new target storage location (Amazon Cloud drive for example)

  • Once again when all the newly copied files and folders have the blue badging that indicates the files have been successfully uploaded to your alternate cloud storage host.

  • You can now unsync (right click > Unsync) the source folder, e.g. OneDrive as well as any other files or folders in any provider you no longer need stored locally to recover any necessary disk space, and if necessary once you are comfortable that all files have been migrated you can delete the file(s) and/or folders from the source if desired.

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Can you guys create a function to move files between drives online?
If I have a TB of data to transfer that is going to kill my download for the month.

There is a feature request for this here: Moving, Copying and Auto-Syncing Files Between Services (Clouds)

One possible workaround for files not synced on your local machine is to use a cloud instance, which usually has screaming download and upload speeds (in the order of 100’s MB/s). In AWS, Google, Azure, etc. create a Windows instance, which you can access via RDP. Once spun up, you can install the desktop client, move files from storage provider A to storage provider B without burdening your machine or bandwidth. Once done make sure to shutdown and delete the instance, and you’re done.

For files that are locally synced, you will have to re-download them from the new provider to your machine.

In terms of specific Cloud instances:

  • I have found Google cloud to require the least upfront overhead, and it does offer a $300 starting credit, which I cannot imagine will not support a full transfer.
  • AWS is pretty powerful, but requires one to go through the full IAM exercise, including RSS keys and what not, so probably too much overhead if you are going to use it for transfers only.

I migrated from Amazon Cloud Drive (now branded as Amazon Photos) to Google Drive today. Even with relatively fast home internet bandwidth downloading and uploading 1TB of data is time consuming. Here is how I did it

  1. Spin up a bare metal Windows Server on your favourite hosting service. I used
  2. Login to Amazon Cloud, download and install their photos App.
  3. Use the app to restore all your Amazon cloud folders to the local drive.
  4. Login to Google Drive and upload your data
  5. Unsync your odrive folders from Amazon Drive
  6. Resync your odrive folders to Google Drive

This worked great for me and I migrated the data in hours instead of days at a cost of about $30.