Changing storage providers

My files are synced to Amazon Drive now, but I’d like to switch to Google One Drive.

  1. Is there a way to make sure everything has been synced down to my computer?
  2. Also, what are the steps to switch from one provider to another? Something like this? And do I need to add a step of “Exit odrive” at some point, and then restart odrive at another point?
    (a) From “My odrive” on the odrive wesbite, click the plus sign next to “Link Storage” to add a connection to Google One Drive.
    (b) In My odrive, create folders to match the folders I want to upload from my computer.
    © do something on my computer to link the folders there to the ones I just created on My odrive (even though they are already linked to Amazon)
    (d) From My odrive, “unlink” my Amazon account.

P.S. What should I enter in the attached screen, to connect to Google?
P.P.S. For that last question, it actually looks like I should have selected “Google Drive” instead of “Google Cloud Storage.” And odrive is now connected to my Google Drive.

I’m still wondering about question 1 (way to verify all files have been downloaded).

And for question 2, I found a thread here that basically says
(a) create a new folder on your computer and link it to the new storage provider.
(b) copy the files from the old folder on your computer to the new folder on your computer.
(c) delete the files from the old folder on your computer.

Is that the easiest way to do the migration?

HI @mbarre2004,
I was planning on updating the thread you listed to refresh the images and some of the instructions, but I’ll summarize here so you can move forward.

  1. There are few things to check to be 100% sure. They may overlap a bit, but you should check all of them

    • Make sure you see a green checkmark on the top-level folder(s). This indicates that you do not have any items sitting in the “not allowed”. It also indicates that you do not have any items that still need to be uploaded, but that is less of a concern here.
    • Perform a search of the top-level folder(s) that you are migrating for .cloud. You should not find any .cloud or .cloudf files, with the possible exception of Encryptor folder sources (more on that in #2).
    • Look at the waiting and now allowed lists in the odrive tray menu and make sure that they do not have items from your source storage listed. You can “send diagnostics” from the odrive tray menu, which will create the “current_odrive_status.txt” file in the root of the odrive folder. That will also list any items sitting in waiting or not allowed.
  2. You will need to perform these basic steps:

    • Link your new storage provider, if you haven’t already
    • This new link will show up in the root of your odrive folder
    • Expand this new link and then determine where you want the migrated data to go.
    • Copy the data from the source storage to the destination storage and wait for it all to upload on the destination before removing any source data.
    • For Encryptor folders:
      • It is possible to migrate the Encryptor content in its encrypted form by just downloading it all as per the first steps. However, sometimes encryptor file names can end up exceededing the maximum limit for the OS. This can happen if the original files have very long names to start with and then their encrypted form makes them even longer.
      • To make sure you do not run into this issue, you will want to migrate Encryptor folders separately from the other data. This means you can exclude the Encryptor source folders from your “main” download action, keeping those as .cloudf placeholders.
      • In this case you can create new Encryptor folders against the destination storage and then download and copy the decrypted source Encryptor folder content (from the Encryptor section) to the destination Encryptor folders, following the guidelines in step 1. above.

Thanks, Tony.!
And for the encrypted data, if I’m using a new passphrase on the new storage provider, will I need to migrate the unencrypted files?

Hi @mbarre2004,
That is correct.

I modified the above verbiage to reflect that a bit better. You would want to copy the decrypted content from the Encryptor “section” (odrive/Encryptor) to the new Encryptor folders that point to your destination storage. The files will then be encrypted with the key that you specified for those new Encryptor folders.

I now have “Not Allowed” files, apparently due to filenames used for a couple of files in the “Shared with me” folder on my Google Drive. But I don’t want to sync that folder anyway. Is there any way to only sync particular folders in my Google Drive?

P.S. I found the thread below, which seems to say that I can prevent that folder from syncing to my computer by adding the “shared with me” line below.

  1. Is the syntax below correct?
  2. Once I do that, should I delete the “shared with me” folder that now exists, under the “Google Drive” folder, under the Odrive folder, on my computer?
  3. And should I also delete the “shared with me” folder that now exists under the “Google Drive” folder in the Odrive web interface at odrive?

“blackListNames”: [
“shared with me”,

Related thread:

Hi @mbarre2004
I just wanted to clarify that, for your migration from Amazon, you don’t actually need to download anything from Google Drive. Your downloading here may be unrelated, and you just want everything on your Google Drive local, but I just wanted to make sure.

  1. The syntax looks correct above. Just a note: When you paste stuff here, it changes the double-quotes to “smart” quotes, where the quotes curve in. If you were to copy and paste that back into the conf file it would break it, so I just wanted to point it out. I assume inside the conf file has “normal” quotes.

    Make sure you restart odrive after making that change.

  2. and 3. You won’t be able to delete this folder, since it is a “hard-coded” folder in Google. You can leave it as a placeholder, though.

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