Copying from Cloud to Cloud

Sorry if this has been asked and answered already, I tried to search for a similar topic but couldn’t fine one that fitted it.

My question: is there an easy way to copy / sync files from cloud to cloud with odrive without a download round-trip? I.e. I want to copy folders from GDrive to Amazon Drive without having to download everything, copying and pasting .cloudf files doesn’t seem to work.

Could this be achieved with the CLI or Sync Agent?



You cannot move data between clouds directly, at this time, but it is a requested feature:

Despite this, odrive can make it easy because everything is in one place for management and progressive sync can make it easy to target the data you want to copy/move. Take a look at this thread for more information:

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Thanks for the answer, it would be great to be able to do this without a local copy, so maybe in the future!

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I’d like to double the same request, if odrive can make it work. A few multi-cloud services offer direct cloud-to-cloud file transfers with varying degrees of success & reliability, but not yet perfect, depending on what cloud storage service providers are involved and the size of the files.

One major problem with odrive’s current solution of download-from-Cloud_#1-then-upload-to-Cloud_#2 cloud-to-local-to-cloud file transfer is that one will take a double hit on one’s ISP bandwidth limit; unless you’re lucky to have unlimited bandwidth, but not in my case.

For example, if your ISP limits your usable upload/download bandwidth to 500gb per month, you can only transfer up to 250gb (much less if you’re normal and normally surfing the web and downloading/uploading other stuff) worth of files between clouds, before your ISP either cuts you off, throttles down your up/down speeds, and/or charges you extra fees for usage over their designated limit. Having to transfer a bunch of big files doesn’t make this solution feasible, neither is downloading/uploading/surfing the web at a slower speed more enjoyable.

One other downside is that it takes more time to complete the 2-step file transfer process, rather than just a “quick” 1-step. One will have to keep the computer on until all of the files have been successfully transferred over, which can take many hours or even days, depending on the amount and size of the files and one’s up/down speed (and worse if your ISP cuts you off or throttles down your up/down speeds midway). To some people, they’ll get too impatient and frustrated with the long process, especially if they have to micromanage it, waiting for the completion of one set of file transfers before starting up another batch of files to transfer; and worse yet if you’re a mobile laptop user on the go.

It would be nice if odrive can incorporate a true speedy and reliable direct cloud-to-cloud file transfer and manager with a set-and-forget feature which will continue the long file transfers through the cloud even without the computer being kept on.

Another one on my growing odrive wish-for/wait-for/hopefully-soon list.
Keep us abreast. Cheers!


I’m having this same problem. How did you ultimately solve this? Did you use another cloud-to-cloud service?

Has there been any progress on this? This is a solution I was looking for when found odrive.