Migrating From Amazon Drive now that Amazon has shutdown their API

Since I no longer have access to Amazon Cloud Drive, how can I migrate my files over Google Drive? Following the migration steps your outlined in your first post, I receive the following message:

“Can’t sync Amazon Cloud Drive.”

Please help!

Hi @agr218,
Unfortunately Amazon has shutdown their Amazon Drive API, which means odrive can no longer access Amazon Drive, at all.

Take a look at Amazon’s: FAQ here:

The section " Q: How do I download my files from Amazon Drive?" is what will probably be most helpful for you.

Thanks @Tony . I downloaded my files, how do I best synch everything back up to my new server (google drive)? Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve had to set all this up.

Hi @agr218,
Once you have all of your data downloaded:

  1. I suggest backing it up, locally. if possible. Even if just temporarily, it is better to be safe that sorry, since uploading can take a looong time.
  2. The process to upload to another service is pretty straightforward. You would just copy/move your downloaded content into the proper folder for your remote storage. You can do that with the odrive client by linking your Google Drive storage: Set Up Your odrive