Locating Gmail Sync

I’m a consultant and have multiple email addresses for my role in various companies. I want to sync each one to my Google Drive via odrive but I can’t figure out where I would find the emails?? I’m sure I’m missing something… any help would be appreciated.

Hi @april,
Are these Google accounts, or some other service? Are you wanting to access e-mail or storage?

I’m wanting to save my gmails from april@reifa.org to a gdrive folder. Is that possible with Odrive?

Hi @april,
odrive cannot sync your Gmail to Google Drive, directly.

odrive will allow you to sync your gmail attachments to your computer, so you can browse the attachments, and copy them somewhere, if you like. If you wanted to save your attachments to a Google Drive account, you can download them and then copy them over, similar to the steps listed here:

Does it save the body of the emails?

or only the attachments?

Hi @april,
It is only the attachments.