Sync subfolders not downloading all files

I am trying to download all my data from Amazon Drive before their end of life date of Dec 31, 2023. I select my oDrive folder and right click and Sync. It downloads all the folders and subfolders. But, not all the files from subfolders. It is sporadic, All my folders and subfolders are marked with blue icon making me feel that all the content of the subfolders are downloaded. But, in reality when you go into these subfolders, the files are not downloaded, they are still placeholder files. For other subfolders the files are downloaded to my hard drive. It is very inconsistent and I am not sure why it does so.

It will be very hard for me to browse through each folder to check which one are not fully downloaded my files as there is 3TB worth of data that I am trying to download to my local machine.

Amazon Drive
Backup - Blue Icon
Pictures - Blue Icon
Folder1 - Blue Icon - dowloaded all files under this subfolder
Folder 2 - Blue Icon - dowloaded all files under this subfolder
Folder 2.1 - Blue Icon - Not dowloaded any files under this subfolder
Folder 2.2 - Blue Icon - Not dowloaded any files under this subfolder
Folder 3 - Blue Icon
Folder 3.1 - Blue Icon - \dowloaded all files under this subfolder
Folder 3.2 - Blue Icon - Not dowloaded any files under this subfolder
Folder 3.3 - Blue Icon - Not dowloaded any files under this subfolder
Folder 4 - Blue Icon

How can I make sure that all the files under all the subfolders are downloaded to my hard drive. I don’t want to loose any of my data when Amazon shuts down their services.

Please help.

Hi @kool.sri,
This is likely due to Amazon throwing errors or throttling your downloads. The blue checkmark means that there is nothing to upload in that folder, but there can still be placeholders, as you’ve seen.

There is a comprehensive post here that goes through the process of making sure everything is downloaded when you are migrating off of storage, like Amazon Drive. In your case you can skip the part about uploading to another service:

I have followed the process that is mentioned in the document that you shared. But still it won’t work. Also, on Friday my hard drive crashed, And, I had to format it. Now, when I try to create a oDrive folder and start Sync again, I get errors saying “network error when attempting operation on a file or directory” and when I check the logs, it say the subfolders under oDrive → Amazon Drive → … → doesn’t exist. Yes, it doesn’t exit as I formatted the drive. How can start the download again from scratch? I have create an oDrive folder, do I have to recreate all the subfolders - which is not feasible for me as there are tons of them. Please advice.

Hi @kool.sri,
Best thing to do is an uninstall and reinstall of the odrive desktop client software. That will get you started fresh and then you can initiate your download again. Make sure to grab the latest version of odrive from here: Set Up Your odrive

Can you clarify what you mean here? What are you seeing not working?

Thank you for the suggestion of reinstall. It made it work. Now I am downloading to my external drive. But, I am having the same issue as I mentioned before that the root folders would show blue icon but the subfolders would still show the placeholder files. Before Amazon pull the plug, I want to be 100% sure that all my folder, subfolders and the files are downloaded to my local hard drive. And, this process seems to be not giving me any confidence. I have 4TB+ of data and I can’t go into each folder to validate, I am scared that once they pull the plug and I have no access to those images, I will loose all those files. Please help and guide me on how can I make sure that when I do sync on root folder, all my multilevel subfolders are downloaded. I have set the option to “everything” and “subfolder settings”.

also want to add, I don’t see any errors in logs. Plus, I see that the downloads happening one folder at a time, is it not multithreaded?

Hi @kool.sri,
If you follow the instructions from the forum post, to the letter, you should be okay. You want your last recursive sync with a forced refresh to be “clean”. Was it?

It is, but the threads may not span multiple folders and, instead, affect multiple files within a single folder.

I am not sure if I understand or know how to find.

Hi @kool.sri,
In the migration guide, go to the line that says:

  • When it looks like everything has been fully downloaded from the source, we recommend the following additional actions:

That will step you through performing a recursive sync with a forced refresh.

Then, you will want to confirm the output of the sync activity log to make sure it is “clean”. This section in the guide goes over how to do that:

  • You should see a line like the following:
    INFO Right-click->sync action on [Chosen folder here] completed. Some refresh jobs may still be active/queued.

Important Note: If you see either of the following messages:
Found incomplete folder downloads and scheduled refreshes for the the following locations
Error encountered during right-click->sync action

Then perform this sync action again, after waiting at least two hours (to help avoid storage service API rate limits)

  • Once you see the sync completed message without either of the “Error” or “Found incomplete” messages in the sync activity log, we recommend you do a final “spot check” of your data, to make sure it looks the way you expect and the number of files and folders looks correct.