Amazon Download only

I’m having a hard time knowing what settings are best. I want to download files only. I think sync has been trying to upload files and it’s taking forever to get my files.

From what I’ve cobbled together is that I need to right click, download everything. How do I stop it from trying to upload files and then how do I unsync once I’m sure I have everything?

Hi @kristinaleist,
You will want to follow this guide for downloading your Amazon Drive files:

odrive shouldn’t be trying to upload unless you are adding or modifying files in the Amazon Drive folder. Are you doing that?

You can prevent uploads by stopping automatic sync, in the odrive tray menu. Just keep in mind that this will stop all sync, except explicit downloads (no new remote activity will be shown, for example). If you are not making any changes to Amazon Drive, then this should be okay.

stop automatic sync_win

Thank you Tony! That seems to be working. :smile:

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I had files that never finished uploading from earlier this year. I think that’s what it was trying to upload.

Hi @Tony, Is there a way to achieve the same (stopping sync) with the CLI?
I’m currently trying to unsync my Amazon Drive folder to reclaim disk but it’s being busy and reports : “The path is currently syncing.”
Edit: After attempting again a few minutes after, It went ok

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Hey @cazzoo,
It was probably inside a retry loop. The way that Amazon disabled API access is by returning a rate limit exception to every request, which we will retry a few times after backing off. I wish they had just sent back a 403, so that we don’t fall into the backoff and retry loop.