What is free vs paid (premium)?

Where can I find out the differences between Free vs Premium?

For an overview of free vs paid features, please take a look at our upgrade page: https://www.odrive.com/upgrade

Here are the features that are Premium only:

Everything else is in the free version, including:

Specifics on the differences in sync capabilities between Free and Premium:

When you first setup odrive you are given an “odrive” folder in your home directory. Inside that “odrive” folder you will see placeholders representing all of the storage you have linked. You can link as many storage accounts as you want and have them show up in this “odrive” folder.

You can download any files listed in your odrive folder. Any files/folders that you copy/move into your odrive folder, or any files in your odrive folder that you update, will upload to your cloud storage, automatically.

Take a look at our documentation here for an in-depth walkthrough of the odrive folder:

The above is all part of the standard, free set of odrive features.

There is another feature, called “sync to odrive”, that is more advanced and lets you sync folders outside of the default “odrive” folder to remote storage. Using this feature you create a sync relationship between a local folder and a remote location in your odrive. These are folders that are not inside the default “odrive” folder that is mentioned above.

For example, if you want to have odrive sync the contents of your “Documents” folder, you can setup a “sync to odrive” relationship between your local “Documents” folder and a location in your remote storage. Any new items you place in your Documents folder, or any existing files that you change will be synced automatically.

You can read more about this here:

In the free version, can I still sync folders that are on external hard drives? I would like to be able to sync folders when that drive is plugged in … Thanks!

Hi @andrew.prinsen,
I believe what you are talking about is “sync to odrive” which is a Premium feature: https://docs.odrive.com/docs/manage-sync#section-sync-external-folders

Ah, I see. Yes I didn’t realize that the folder syncing I had been doing since downloading oDrive was all part of the Premium package. It does do what I would like it to do … but $100 per year, especially once I have to pay for my computer and my wife’s computer, just seems too expensive. I know they are different, but when the actual 1 terabyte of storage on Amazon costs $60 per year, it seems somehow backwards to have to pay almost double that to get the files onto that storage in a convenient way. I was looking at this as an option since Crash Plan is shutting down, but I was hoping to pay less money and not more …

I understand @papadenooj. We are planning to offer other options for purchase with the next generation of odrive (no set release date, at this time), so you may be able to find a more suitable configuration when those options are released.