Full sync, to replace Dropbox/Drive clients, on the Free plan?

Judging by some related posts, I should be able to sync (two way) my Dropbox (and Drive, etc.) folder, inside the ODrive folder on my Mac. But when I follow the directions on help article, specifically this setup to sync everything, including subfolders/files, ongoing, I’m told this is a premium feature: http://cozy.es/YskPqB (but only if I check the “Save and apply to new files” option).

I thought this was part of the free plan? No?

Hi @leefur,
The “Save and apply to new files and folders” option is part of “folder sync rules” which is a Premium feature.

Take a look at this post for a comprehensive listing of Free vs Premium features: What is free vs paid (premium)?

Hi Tony –

Yeah, I’ve been through that article a few times at this point. Looking at this: http://cozy.es/0GQzaB it would seem clear that Dropbox- or Drive-client-like sync (full, bi-directional) is exactly what’s possible in the free version. In fact, following the link in the screenshot I just linked takes you to this article: https://docs.odrive.com/docs/sync-your-odrive which specifically describes exactly what I’m looking for: http://cozy.es/HXPc3a

Basically… just… sync. No rules, no unsync, nothing more specific than sync everything. “Fully sync my Dropbox, just like the Dropbox client”, or “fully sync my Drive, just like the Drive client”.

Given the apparent conflicts between the ODrive page I just linked and the one you sent, I’m still confused. Do I need to pay for basic, complete, “normal”, OEM-client-like sync? If so, I’m having trouble now understanding the use cases for the free version, as it seems to be a way to download your cloud storage, but then what?

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Hi @leefur,
Apologies for the confusion.

The default sync model is what is called “progressive sync” and it represents files and folders as placeholders until the user explicitly requests them to be expanded/downloaded locally. This means that new files and folders that are added outside of your local system will be shown as .cloud and .cloudf files until you sync them, either via a right-click->sync or a double-click on the individual item. This is the expected and intended default odrive behavior. As part of this model, any new files added or changed locally will be automatically uploaded to the linked storage. Likewise, any remote changes to files that you have already downloaded will be updated with the new content.

odrive folder sync rules allow you to set non-default behavior. By configuring rules, either globally or on specific folders, users can override default placeholder behavior and, instead, specify that new files and folders are always downloaded.

The latter behavior is what you are looking for, where you can specify that you never want placeholder files at all. This is a Premium feature. The usage guide doesn’t call this out as a Premium feature, which is leading to some of the confusion. I will adjust that so it is clearer.

Oh. Huh. It’s hard for me to envision the use case for that (beyond it being basically a crippled trial version of the real software), though I’m sure they’re out there.

I’ll stay on the sidelines until the updated pricing model is released, as it’s hard to see why I’d pay more for ODrive than for the storage I still have to pay for to use it.

Thanks, @Tony!

ths is what bugged me recently, after my free trial expired

odrive is expensive like hell for features that every cloud should have as basic free features

even “just always sync everything” without unsync would be better than constantly downloading new stuff manually

im going to close my odrive account soon (and take away my login keys you store online which is something i dont like too :/)

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Same, though I’ll keep an eye on ODrive over time to see how the product matures, and how the pricing model evolves (apparently they’re going more a la carte with it).

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