What happens when my Premium trial expires?


Once your 7-day Premium trial expires, you will lose access to Premium features (see the Premium Only sections in https://www.odrive.com/upgrade). For most situations, this just means you lose the ability to keep using it.

For the following features, there are a couple things you should take note of… also, this is one reason why we provide trial expiration warnings in the desktop client as a friendly reminder:

You will lose the ability to modify Encryptor folders, but you will still have the ability to download from them.

Sync any folder (formerly known as Pro):
You’ll lose your sync configuration, so your files will no longer sync. However, any files you had previously synced will still exist in your remote folder location; we don’t delete any files that have already synchronized. If you later upgrade, you’ll have to set up your folders outside of the odrive folder to Sync again.

Obviously, we hope you like the Premium features enough that you’ll upgrade. =) In case you don’t, we won’t leave you in a helpless situation.

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