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Welcome to the odrive Community!

If you are not an odrive user yet, head on over to our website and see what all the fuss is about.

You can find our Comprehensive Usage Guide here: https://docs.odrive.com/docs

We have a few categories to make thing easier to find:
Click here for troubleshooting help and technical questions
Click here for general odrive discussion.
Click here to view and submit feature requests.
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Our upgrade page lists all of the major features we offer, and at what tier/price: https://www.odrive.com/upgrade

For a list of the difference between Free and Premium, including links to corresponding documentation for each feature, take a look at this post: What is free vs paid (premium)?

A list of the most frequently asked odrive-related questions can be found here: https://forum.odrive.com/tags/faq

Take a look at all of the storage you can link to your account here: https://www.odrive.com/links

Learn more about odrive’s features here: https://www.odrive.com/features

@JeffL created a great post, packed with loads of information about odrive and what it can do for you: What kinds of problems can odrive help me with?

Helpful odrive videos: https://vimeo.com/odrive

Thanks for joining!


YAY!! Glad to be on the ground level!


Glad to have you aboard! I am trying to go through the threads in the old forum and at least button them up a bit. I hope everyone can make it over here without too much trouble.


Had never used muut before odrive; can’t say it was a bad experience, really, but-- I’m glad we’re here now… : )



Brought over from my Muut post, for some context.

Hello everyone,
I wanted to announce that we are going to be moving our forum platform from Muut to Discourse very, very soon.

There are several reasons for this:

  1. We’ve been experiencing a lot of problems with Muut recently, to the point that many of us are unable to access the forum for long periods of time. Our users have reported similar issues, as well, which is a huge problem.

  2. Because of Muut’s natural structure and flow, the forum has become a bit unwieldy over time. We are finding it difficult to follow posts and keep track of what has been answered and what hasn’t. I really want to make sure that all posts are being addressed. I know that some are falling through the cracks right now.

  3. Discourse offers us a lot more flexibility, control, and integration capabilities. This will allow us to keep better tabs on what is happening in the odrive community, company-wide.

  4. Discourse has a bit more of a traditional structure, which we think will facilitate better navigation, discussion, and organization for community conversations and troubleshooting. I think it will also be much easier to find existing topics and see what is popular.

The downside to this move is that we will not be able to migrate old threads to the new forum. This is going to make the new forum pretty bare (like, really bare), initially, and some folks are going to have to duplicate information that was previously posted for on-going questions or issues. My sincere apologies for that. I am going to leave the old forum running for a little bit, to allow an easier transition.


A thought: Is there a way to warn folks making new posts on muut, that new posts should be made to the new forum?

Or, perhaps, just set the whole muut to read-only?



Soon all traffic trying to get to Muut, aside from the muut.com/odrive link, should be redirected here, by default There are still a few threads that I don’t mind posting updates to as we transition.


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