Desktop Release (09-21-2016)

We’ve got an important bug fix release today:

Win v5914 / Mac v5983

  • [Mac] Fix for a few recent strange library dependency problems reported by mac users.
  • [Windows] Fix for issues starting up odrive when your Windows OS user name contains unicode characters (should bring us back to where we were before, able to support Latin chars in the home directory path, but Asian characters in the path may still present issues). See this post.
  • Reduce API calls to Amazon Drive to get changes (at their request).
  • [Mac] Present the minimum supported version pop-up warning to fire when running on Mavericks. Mavericks users may not see badges or right-click options on their menus consistently. See this post if you are on Mavericks or below.

This release has been submitted to the autoupdater as a background update, so users should have it soon. It’s also available from our download page.