Re: The odrive desktop client will no longer support OS X Mavericks 10.9 and below

Couldn’t make a comment on the announcement, but just wanted to voice that this news makes me sad. There is little reason to buy into Apple’s forced obsolescence when there are plenty of great computers out there unable to upgrade to these new requirements. It seems you could easily keep the existing version available for those people using the older OSes (or wanting to use the older OSes in the near future), but it’s certainly your call to either fall in-line with Apple’s ridiculous refresh schedule or stand up for your (current and future) users.


just to be clear - odrive will still work on older versions of OS X - but there will no longer be right click menu’s and badging - you will have to use primarily double click to expand or use the cli for other other right click menus or badge state. There is no official api to support badging and right click on 10.9 and below. Removing this functionality allows us to sandbox the app, possibly submit it to the app store and many other benefits that allow us to provide our users more security. Security is the main motivation behind this change not buying into Apple’s forced obsolescence but trying to to make a better overall product for all of you =)

Thank you for clarifying the situation. This line is still a bit concerning:
“The odrive desktop application will still run, for now…”

So it seems there is still a plan to make it not work in the near future. :disappointed:


Hi @nabeards,
There are no plans to remove the ability for odrive to run on older OS X, but we do not actively test against these older versions.

Which OS X version are you stuck on currently?

I have 10.8 on a couple of machines and 10.6 on another (not running oDrive there). I totally understand that these decisions have to be made, just with it wasn’t so difficult to continue supporting older equipment.

For those interested, I created a few (“unofficial”) simple service scripts this morning that can be added to Finder to allow right-click sync, unsync, refresh, and status for these older versions of OS X, using the CLI underneath. Definitely not as nice as the native Finder integration, but it is an OS X supported way to add right-click menu options to Finder. I did these quick, so there is room for improvement and enhancement, but they work. :slight_smile:

Unzip, double-click on the workflow file, and choose “Install”.


Thank you @Tony! Knowing that the app itself will continue to function, albeit without Finder integration, was good news. And now with these service scripts, I should be able to keep those older machines going.


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