New perpetually waiting files, now in Google Drive

These files are stuck waiting, and other causes that have been identified don’t seem to fit.

Not on onedrive, where we had character limit issues before. Full filename path is only 103 characters (including escape characters).

Have not synced anything recently, so I don’t think it is a rate limiting issue. I can upload through the browser. When I do, odrive recognizes that the files are synced.

I rebooted both the application and the computer with no success.

Waiting files range from ~30-400 KB

Hi Alex,
I believe I know what the issue is here. We have a fix awaiting release, but you may be able to work around it in the meantime by uninstalling the python “requests” package on your box.

We have an embedded python framework we use within our app and it looks like the requests package is being overridden on machines that have installed it (via easy_install or pip). If you uninstall this then the uploads should work again:

To do so, run this from a terminal:
pip uninstall requests

sudo may be needed if pip complains about permissions, in which case it would be
sudo pip uninstall requests

The next version will correct this so that uninstalling will not be necessary.

solving my problems immediately: classic Tony.


This has been released: