Moving an already synced ext folder into odrive folder - will re-upload?

I am a Mac user. I have manually uploaded my ~/Pictures folder (including my iPhoto library ) into Amazon Drive
Now I realize the free odrive will not sync my “external” Pictures folder.
I am ready to move the Pictures into Odrive folder but I am not sure if this will trigger re-upload of the whole content (250GB) or the odrive will understand that those files are already there and will only track changes from now on ?

thanks in advance

odrive attempts to reconcile the local and remote data in a way that prevents re-upload of identical data. In most cases it works well, but it will depend on a few factors, including the storage source being used.

My strong recommendation is to try it on a small subset of the data, before dragging over the entire 250GB, and observe the results.


thanks for reply Tony
This is exactly what I was trying to do since the original post
However, I found out that odrive will not upload any new files to the cloud
I created a new folder inside Amazon Cloud Drive in odrive folder, it immediately got synced and I can see it in actual driver thru Amazon’s web. However, whenever I add a file to that folder, it gots stuck in the Waiting forever …
I tried with different folder names, different file length and file names. The last file (odriveTest.txt) is stuck there for about 5 hours. I tried to close and restart the app, i de-authenticated and re-authenticated the app, I got off VPN and connected to a non-firewalled network, I dont have any extern folders syncing, nothing …

I am on El Capitan with 5944
Any ideas ?

thanks again

Hi @lsshraga,
Can you snd over a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu? I will take a look.


did so. thanks a lot !

Thanks @lsshraga,
It looks like you are running into this issue here. Can you take a look for a temporary workaround?

I am sorry but this is not an option
This is not a box but my development machine which uses python extensively for various tasks
I can not just go and change python modules configuration. Surprised to get even asked to do so …
When is the new release due to , please ?

With the above said I can maybe try to go the other way around the problem - can you please let me know which version of the package in question (requests) do I have to install on my system so when odrive mistakenly uses my module it will do just fine ?


Hi @lsshraga,
We are trying to push it out as fast as possible, which means if it gets a green light from QA we can release it later today.

Since the workaround was only posted as an option for those that wished to use it, I would suggest waiting for our official release, which should be very soon.

This has been released: