Odrive (build 6316) won't start on MacOS El Capitan 10.11.6

Hi there!

This is my first post here. I’ve been trying to use odrive on my Mac with no luck. I’ve installed the latest version and after the installation finishes, nothing happens (odrive icon on the task bar appears and immediately disappears) :frowning:

I’ve been reading lots of other posts where people had similar issues of not being able to start the application, but no workaround has been useful to me.

I’m pasting the outputs of some of the commands I’ve seen that are requested for this type of issues:

"/Applications/odrive.app/Contents/MacOS/odrive" -v

Starting launcher with verbose output…
No product argument was passed in. Attempting to find product.conf…
Using path /Applications/odrive.app/Contents/Resources/product.conf…
Using /Users/vitriolo/.odrive as the installed folder path…
Attempting to mark the installed folder path as hidden…
Writing the product.conf file at /Users/vitriolo/.odrive…
Reading the version number from the version file…
Attempting to read systemAlertRoom from config…
Setting up diagnostics for buildNo: 6316, productName: prod, systemAlertRoom: 1358891
Creating launcher object…
Checking if another odrive process is running again to reduce the chances of a race condition…
Launch succeeded!

"$(ls -d "$HOME/.odrive/bin/"*/ | tail -1)/odriveapp.app/Contents/MacOS/odriveapp"

/Users/vitriolo/.odrive/bin/6316//odriveapp.app/Contents/MacOS/odriveapp: No such file or directory

"$(ls -d "$HOME/.odrive/bin/"*/ | tail -1)odriveapp.app/Contents/MacOS/odrive"

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 20, in
File “”, line 18, in main
File “”, line 13, in launchDesktopApp
File “Odrive_Mac_Master_Build/src/odrive_app/OdriveDesktopApp.py”, line 334, in Odrive_Mac_Master_Build.src.odrive_app.OdriveDesktopApp.OdriveDesktopApp.construct (/Users/admin/hudson/workspace/Odrive_Mac_Master_Build/deploy/build/src/odrive_app/OdriveDesktopApp.c:6971)
File “Odrive_Mac_Master_Build/src/odrive_app/OdriveDesktopApp.py”, line 1114, in Odrive_Mac_Master_Build.src.odrive_app.OdriveDesktopApp.OdriveDesktopApp._get_odrive_fs_service (/Users/admin/hudson/workspace/Odrive_Mac_Master_Build/deploy/build/src/odrive_app/OdriveDesktopApp.c:25967)
File “Odrive_Mac_Master_Build/src/odrive_app/OdriveDesktopApp.py”, line 1079, in Odrive_Mac_Master_Build.src.odrive_app.OdriveDesktopApp.OdriveDesktopApp._get_database_key (/Users/admin/hudson/workspace/Odrive_Mac_Master_Build/deploy/build/src/odrive_app/OdriveDesktopApp.c:25125)
File “Odrive_Mac_Master_Build/src/utility/KeyChainService.py”, line 66, in Odrive_Mac_Master_Build.src.utility.KeyChainService.KeyChainService.set_user_key (/Users/admin/hudson/workspace/Odrive_Mac_Master_Build/deploy/build/src/utility/KeyChainService.c:3692)
File “/Users/admin/git/juggernaut/deploy/sandbox/lib/python2.7/site-packages/keyring/core.py”, line 45, in set_password
File “/Users/admin/git/juggernaut/deploy/sandbox/lib/python2.7/site-packages/keyring/backends/OS_X.py”, line 63, in set_password
keyring.errors.PasswordSetError: Can’t store password in keychain

Here’s also the contents of the odrive.log file by the time the odrive application is run and forcibly closed:

INFO] 2017-09-26 18:04:17,007: Product home path: /Users/vitriolo/.odrive
[INFO] 2017-09-26 18:04:17,010: name: app.tar.gz, url: local, sha256: 19fc7af36dab671139e143464cf57150ef585442030f36180e6f2484a25e955c, destination: /Users/vitriolo/.odrive, version: 6316, deleteIfExist: [u’/Users/vitriolo/.odrive/bin/6316’], miscExtractionPoint: None, noExtract: False
[INFO] 2017-09-26 18:04:17,010: Verifying app.tar.gz
[INFO] 2017-09-26 18:04:17,101: Extracting app.tar.gz into /Users/vitriolo/.odrive
[INFO] 2017-09-26 18:04:18,915: Dropping version file into /Users/vitriolo/.odrive/version with version 6316
[INFO] 2017-09-26 18:04:18,915: Launching /Users/vitriolo/.odrive/bin/6316/odriveapp.app/Contents/MacOS/odrive
[ERROR] 2017-09-26 18:04:23,938: Failed to launch /Users/vitriolo/.odrive/bin/6316/odriveapp.app/Contents/MacOS/odrive

Is there anyone who may have run into the same issue? Please let me know in case you need any further details!

Thanks a lot in advance for your help!


Hi @marcofogliatto,
odrive is trying to store a password for its databases in your keychain, but access is being denied to do that.

Do you know if your login keychain is locked (in the MacOS “Keychain Access” app)? If so, you should be prompted to allow keychain access when odrive starts. Are you seeing anything like that?

Hi @Tony

Thanks a lot for your prompt response!

No message at all appears when starting odrive. I have a different computer in which I tried locking the keychain and the message you say appears.

Is there anything else I can try?

Thanks again!

Hi @marcofogliatto,
This is a strange one. So the login keychain is unlocked on this machine?

When odrive tries to utilize the keychain it is being denied. I have only seen this when the keychain is locked and the prompts to unlock it are canceled.

Do you see any items in your login keychain when you search for “odrive”?

Hi @Tony

The login keychain is unlocked on the machine. When I lock the login keychain from the keychain application and run odrive afterwards, a login message appears requesting me to unlock the keychain. However, when inputting the password and confirming, the application does the same thing as before, and the verbose output shows the same results (keyring.errors.PasswordSetError: Can’t store password in keychain).

Also, no “odrive” items are present in my login keychain.

Any other workaround you can think of? I will be very grateful! :smiley:

Thanks again!


I managed to make it work by creating a new keychain and setting it as the default one. Seems there was something wrong with the original one. Now odrive starts flawlessly and I can use it without further issues!! :smile:

Thanks a lot for your help on this!!


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Great! Thanks for the update @marcofogliatto. Definitely something I haven’t seen before. I appreciate the follow-up.