New desktop and web releases today! (03-21-2016)

Here’s the scoop on the latest releases…

DESKTOP (Win v5116 / Mac v5158):

  • Autodownload Limit is set to Never Download (always use placeholders) by default for new users installing odrive. Current users retain their existing setting (and can deauthorize their user and sign in again if they want to reset).
  • Added to global sync exclusion list: Files with .dwl and .dwl2 extensions. Restrict File Type
  • Added to global sync exclusion list: .dropbox files. Dropbox Not Allowed - Shared Items
  • Bug fixes

NOTE: The autoupdater has been pushed for this Desktop release, so users will benefit from the desktop items mentioned in these posts as well if they had not gotten them before, too:


  1. E-mail verification from Profile page (not currently used for anything, but our Forum link will soon be updated to allow a form of single sign on if you have a verified email with us).
  2. Slack and Instagram bug fixes.

Yes, we’ve gone to the beach with our flip-flops a couple of times regarding the autodownload limit default setting, but we’re settling down on Never Download as the best way a free user can take advantage of Progressive Sync and also be exposed to placeholder files. Thanks for your feedback. :innocent:

Let us know how you like the new releases, and stay tuned for more.