Dropbox Not Allowed - Shared Items

Currently I have some folders in NOT ALLOWED state.

Most of them are from Dropbox and the message is “Dropbox doesn’t allow slashes in folder file names”

In Dropbox I see these files/folders marked with slashes are those which I shared with someone else.

Am I doing something wrong here?



Can you submit a diagnostic (from the odrive tray menu)? Dropbox is sending an error, but the message you see above may be incorrect.

Hi tony,

I just did.

thank you.


Hi Joao, actually I just took a look and it as Tony described.

I’m guessing you’re trying to drag your folders from Dropbox into odrive? Dropbox has special files called ‘.dropbox’ (note the dot) that helps them mark their folders. odrive tries to upload these .dropbox files, but Dropbox chooses to not accept them.

The error message odrive displays is “Dropbox doesn’t allow slashes in folder/file names”, but actually you shouldn’t be seeing this error message at all.

I’m going to fix this and the problem should go away in a future release. In the meantime it should be safe for you to remove the .dropbox files.



thank you, I’ll try that.



By the way, we’ve pushed out a build which has @nojopranoto 's fix in it. This should add .dropbox to our sync exclusion list. It’s in our latest desktop release which has been pushed to the autoupdater so if you’ve got Win v5116 / Mac v5158 or greater, please see if the problem goes away.


Ok, but how do I check the version running here? I don’t see any “about” or anything similar. :slight_smile:


It is listed right above “Quit odrive” in the odrive tray menu

Ok thanks, its working now. :slight_smile:

But, one strange thing happened minutes ago, I moved 2 files to a folder inside Dropbox which is inside oDrive and then these were marked as NOT ALLOWED and the message is Files/folders cannot be uploaded to this folder. I had to switch Dropbox on to have them sync.



If you are able to reproduce this error, can you send a diagnostic?