New desktop and web releases today! (03-16-2016)

One more release hot off the presses… Please download the build and try it out if these fixes look interesting to you–it will otherwise go out to the autoupdater in a couple of days most likely.

DESKTOP: (Win v5095 / Mac v5137)

  1. Concurent upload/download performance improvement.
  2. Hipchat index folder error handling adjustment.
  3. Fix shell extensions crashing “calibre” apps file open dialog. Odrive sync client causes unhandled exception in calibre
  4. Support osascript -e ‘tell application “odrive” to quit’. Activity and activation problems with odrive on Mac
  5. Limit Finder re-injection attempts to 3 so at most finder will restart 3 times. O drive crashes finder on my mac every 30 seconds


  1. Minor website adjustments and operational improvements

See ya around the forum,