New desktop and web releases today! (03-17-2016)

Today’s releases give you a preview of a couple of new features that are free for all users to use.

We have not pushed these builds to the desktop client autoupdater yet, so you will need to download the latest build from in order to try it out.

DESKTOP (Win v5100 / Mac-5142)

Preview These New Features:

  1. Open in Web Preview (Free, see right-click menu): Want to look for a specific picture while keeping your files as placeholders so you don’t have to download everything? Right-click on a folder and select Open in Web Preview.
  2. Slack “All File Types” folder (Free): Click into the All File Types folder and you will see folders for “Everyone” and “Just You” so you can see aggregated views for all of the files that everyone’s attached or all of the files that you’ve attached.

NOTE: For Open in Web Preview, there are some known issues using this against Facebook Albums, Instagram hashtag folders, and Spaces. Also, we will be adding file names to the detailed picture view that comes up when you click on a picture from either list or gallery file browsing views.

Bug fixes:

  1. Fix for Pro sync on “Documents” folder in Windows not syncing between remote/local. Odrive Pro - Won’t Sync “My Documents” Folder
  2. Fix for not being able to restore deleted file/folders on read-only sources. ODrive won't let me Empty the Trash
  3. Other bug fixes.


  1. Slack “All File Types” folder (see notes in DESKTOP section) is available from web file browsing view.
  2. Back-end changes to support desktop Open in Web Preview.
  3. Bug fixes.

I hope you all get to try the new toys. It’s listed as a Preview since we do know about some issues which will get fixed soon, but we wanted to get them out so people could start taking advantage of them.

Thanks, and good luck to your NCAA teams and brackets,

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