Desktop and Web Releases (08-23-2016)

We’ve got a brand new set of releases out. The desktop release, in particular, contains many improvements under the hood to improve the overall experience.

DESKTOP (Win v.5656 / Mac v.5686):

  • Sync improvements and fixes.
  • Google Drive integration improvements and fixes.
  • New reorganized tray menu for improved usability.
  • Windows tray icon and menu improvements (no flickering anymore, more reliable).
  • Windows uninstaller and installer improvements. Addresses issues reported in the forum (e.g. this one)
  • Don’t blacklist .git and .gitignore files. (See this forum post)
  • Bug fix for where sometimes changes on remote source weren’t being picked up by clients that quickly.
  • Fix for IFS + Encryptor download issue.
  • Lots of other bug fixes.

NOTE: The autoupdater has been pushed for a future release already. Still, you can grab it from the download page if you want to here.


  • Improvements to Orgs Beta flow for group purchasing.
  • New usage guide roll-out available at
  • E-mail verification flow fixes and messaging improvements
  • Other bug fixes

Thanks for using odrive!