Desktop Release (08-25-2016)

This release primarily contains a bug fix for Windows users with unicode characters in their OS user name (what appears when you go to C:\Users\USERNAME)

Win v.5659 / Mac v.5689:

  • For users with Latin character sets (ISO-8859-1) in their name, we inadvertently introduced this issue on our 08-23-2016 release. That build was not pushed to autoupdater, so only new users from the past couple of days were affected. This build fixes the initialization / start-up problem.
  • Users with Asian and other character sets in their OS user name may continue to experience problems (this has not been resolved yet).

This build will be sent to the autoupdater so that existing users can benefit from all of the prior items in the 08-23-2016 release. Windows users will see this as a “Major” update (a pop-up window with notification to update via running a new installer). This is not common, but happens once in a while. Mac users will be updated automatically without needing to run a full installer.


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