Trash List Blinking and Will Not Scroll

I currently have 88 items in the “Trash.” When I right click the odrive icon from the task bar area, and hover over the Trash menu item, the list of files appears to the left, but it is blinking or flashing. There appears to be three … at the bottom to expand the list of files, but clicking there does nothing. I can’t click on any of the files to restore them because the list is blinking or flashing. I have rebooted several times and this did not clear the problem.

Also, is there any way to view the “Trash” list with the web interface?

Hi @hansonm,

In Windows trash list is limited to 20 items to avoid any responsiveness problem. Unfortunately, blinking / flashing is currently known to us. There are number of way to clear the trash list (with / without processing the deletion from your desktop to source). Please use one of the method below; which closely fits to your use case:

a) Unsync parent folder(s) of items in trash list using right-click --> unsync (no deletion will be processed to source)
b) Empty trash from tray menu (actual deletion will be processed to source)
c) Click individual items in the list and either “Recover” or “Sync Delete” but it may take time to go through all 88 items.

We’ll surly consider this in our tray menu re-design to improve over all user feedback.


We have released our new desktop clients with improved tray menu (plus other stability fixes), soon we are going to push an update to existing clients, it should then resolve the above reported usability problem.

NOTE: The autoupdater has not been pushed yet, so if you want to try out this build, please grab it from the download page here.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns


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