B2 (Backblaze) upload

I am trying to sync my files with Backblaze B2 cloud storage.

But none of my files are being synced… all files are not ‘Not Allowed’. When I click on the file name it says:

B2 is currently read only. We are waiting for B2 API enhancements to support read and write.

I asked this on Backblaze support site but they says I will have to check with odrive… they says other clients are uploading normally.

Yes, B2 supports upload, but they have a mandatory SHA-1 hash requirement. This is fine, but they also require the hash to be sent at the beginning of the upload, which means it needs to be calculated and stored beforehand. Ideally the hash could be sent at the end of the request, so that it can be calculated on-the-fly, during transmission.

Our general sync transfer mechanism inserts these processing steps in-line, as we transmit (stream). We need B2 to accept the hash after upload, rather than before, to support this. Backblaze has said that this was something they would like to provide, to allow for efficient transmission, but it is not available yet. Once it is we will add upload capabilities.

They address this briefly in this post:

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Ah ok… good to know that everybody is on the same page… I guess I will be checking back odrive once (if) it can sync properly… hopefully it wont take long for backblaze to support this.


Do you know when you will be able to upload to BackBlaze B2? I know that you are waiting for them to let you send the hash at the end of the sync, but do you have a target date?

Also when will the “backup to odrive” feature become available?


Hi @famille.pernit,

Delivery of write capabilities for B2 will depend on when Backblaze accepts a hash after upload.

Plenty of other backup utilities that are able to calculate the sha value prior to the upload. Why are you dependent on backblaze making an API change?

Hi @Dave-FL,
We are a full blown universal sync engine, and not just a vanilla, single-purpose backup utility, so there are orchestration and flow aspects that we want to maintain. However, I have heard through the grapevine that the API change we are waiting for may be coming soon (within the next 2 months).

If you have to run the SHA during transmission how can you guarantee that the stream you have received is not corrupt?

The SHA is still calculated, it will just be calculated as it is streamed. The result is the same, but the calc is done in-line.

With the recent update to accept the SHA1 checksum at the end, can we now expect write to B2 in the coming months?

It is planned. No concrete timeline, but hopefully in the next couple of months.

B2 is actually gaining a lot of interest but their focus is not on delivering a desktop client. You have a great client that is arguably the best there is today. Together you provide one of the best paid cloud storage service combo that is available in both price and useability. I would have expected you to be ready for the moment Backblaze delivered what you asked them to. Make haste, you wizards of the internet!


Can’t wait to see you add this feature! You’ll one more Premium subscriber when you do!

Wow @Tony, so this feature was a miss with the BIG RELEASE you guys just rolled out? That’s a serious bummer. What’s the timeline now?

Also, will it honor B2’s funky API for large files so that you can make use of the 1 TB file limit if you have to?

Hi @DarfNader,
We have not pushed out the major release that has been discussed previously (and won’t for a little while still). All of our integrations are being worked through, currently. We haven’t gotten to B2 yet, but we will be looking at all of the APIs available when we do.

I just want to wish your team a happy painless integration with B2. Odrive is awesome, but B2 + odrive is the dream.


Hello @Tony , I’m wondering when this B2 feature will be available ? :slight_smile:

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Yep, also waiting with baited breath for this much needed update…

How do you guys do so far to write/upload on B2 ?

This is a feature so demanded, please Odrive, enable it.

Any news of this feature release?

I would be nice to get rid of Amzon S3! :wink:

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