All Folders Attempted to Upload to Backblaze B2 Show Under "Not Allowed"

Hi I have linked my Backblaze B2 account and attempted to archive several folders (several GB ea) using the odrive sync, but found all of the folders I have attempted to upload under “Not Allowed”.

During the beta phase of B2, there was a size limit for uploading. Is there still restriction on size where I will need to resort to other means to upload my data?

Hi @toshi
The B2 integration is currently a read-only integration.

You can read more about it here:

I didn’t realise this - wow. It shouldn’t really be listed under ‘supported providers’ on the marketing pages.

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Hi @sookmedia_dropbox,
I edited your post here to keep it relevant to the thread, but reached out to you directly for the other comments.

My apologies for the confusion. B2 is listed as in beta and read-only on the links page here:
I know this information can be missed, however, depending on your B2 linking flow.

Even though write is not currently support, the existing B2 support still provides a great deal of usefulness to some folks. We felt it was valuable enough to offer it in a read-only state, instead of not offering it at all.

Now that B2 has enhanced their integration capabilities, we will be adding the write ability once our new integration framework (in progress) is completed.