B2 (Backblaze) upload


I’m also wondering how is it going on ?


We have B2 upload implemented in the next-generation odrive product. We are working as fast as we can towards release, but I don’t have a date to offer, at this time.


Thanks Tony. I only just found odrive and it looked like it could solve all my issues regarding encrypted media cloud storage via B2.

Can you provide a very general time line (q1,q2?) as to when a release with B2 write support will be available. I haven’t found any other satisfactory solution up to now but I was really dissapointed when I saw B2 was read only.

Is there a beta release program I can volunteer for?


Hi @saimonmoore,
There is a thread here for those interested in beta testing. We do not have a beta available yet, however. ODrive Beta Testers?


I would be really interested also about this time schedule… last summer support say Q4 2017.
But really seems to be delayed badly.

Any estimate of this feature release?


Hi @jesse.lahtela,
All new integration work is tied into the next generation product, which is nearing preview/beta stage. I don’t have a timeline to provide, but we will certainly announce when we do.