Backblaze B2 upload and some UI/UX feedback

I was very happy to see that you added support for Backblaze B2 storage. Unfortunately I’m having a few issues with it.

  • Can’t upload. When will upload support be added? The odrive dialog said that you are waiting for upload support to be added to the B2 API but it is in the API. I’m using it with other applications.

And some UI/UX feedback that I have encountered and finally got around to submitting it.

  • Poor UX with issues. In troubleshooting the B2 upload problem, it took me too long to find the odrive window stating the upload feature isn’t ready yet. The menu icon was normal (idle black) and not the pink syncing icon. I didn’t know to go to the Not Allowed submenu and select the file (which is when the “can’t upload” dialog finally appeared)
  • Can you add a status icon/dot (yellow or red) to the Finder window when there is a problem with the file? If a file is within an odrive monitored directory, it should have some kind of status. It should never be blank.
  • Set the odrive menu icon yellow or red when there is an issue
  • In the odrive menu and in the Finder right-click menu, show an additional menu entry like “Show reason for sync issue” which would show the full error dialog window.
  • Output a more verbose log and/or use syslog. The odrive.log only has simple application launch status. The error.log doesn’t contain anything even though I’ve been having issues. Could you please output more details to a log file (in the proper ~/Library/Logs/ dir and not in a hidden dot dir please) and/or use syslog so odrive can be properly monitored? I would like to be able to filter syslog for odrive events to send notification alerts.
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Thank you very much for the thoughtful feedback. We appreciate it!

Yes, B2 is not ready. We need some API changes from Backblaze to make sync bi-directional.

Yes, “Not Allowed” list is easy to miss. We are redesigning notifications to provide better feedback.

Please let B2 know you want to see full support for B2 in odrive. We are willing and ready.

What are the limitations in Backblaze’s API that are preventing upload?

Someone actually asked this on Backblaze blog here :

I dont know why you say B2 is read only… other clients are uploading happily…

Answered in your other thread: