Unable to remove previous deep sync

I have a previously synced a deep folder on an SFTP host to my local drive - just navigated down through odrive/host/home/name/stuff/theFolder and synced ‘theFolder’ with download all and apply to new however, when I return to the root and unsync it, it unsyncs at the root normally but, next time I navigate to odrive/host/home/name/stuff/theFolder odrive automatically downloads and syncs all files and sub folders per my original instruction ignoring my top level unsync.

How to globally unsubscribe from any and all folders? I have daily unsync set but that doesn’t seem to have helped.

Hi @michael1,
What do you have set for “Set auto download” in the odrive tray menu? Make sure that this is set to “never download” to prevent automatically downloading files as you expand cloud folders.

Tony, It’s set to never however, what’s odd is that even when set to something, e.g. 10MB, it doesn’t traverse directories, five deep to retrieve files which is what’s happening.

Is there a control file/plist/DB that I can clear to remove this ghost sync like behavior?

Hi @michael1,
I’ve verified that unsync does not clear the settings, so a future expand after unsync will still follow the rules set on the path.

You can remove this rule by right-clicking on the topmost folder of the structure you want to change, unchecking both boxes, and setting the slider to “Nothing”. Can you give that a shot?

Unsyncing at the node that was initially synced up also removes the sync record so, that works however, that doesn’t seem like the right behavior - I probably have dozens of nodes previously synced that will be ready to re-sync or maybe generating additional load or unpredictable behavior.

Besides remove/reinstall, is there a way to view or simply purge these orphaned sync rules?

Hi @michael1,
I may not have understood clearly before. I think you are saying that you have applied “sync rules” (“Save and apply to new files and folders”) to lots of individual folder, scattered throughout your odrive structure and you want to remove them all. Is that right?

If so, try this to reset all folders to using placeholders and not auto-downloading or auto-expanding anything.:

  1. Right-click on the root “odrive” folder and select “Sync”
  2. Slide the Slider all the way to “Nothing”
  3. Leave “Include Subfolders” unchecked
  4. Check “Save and apply to new files and folders”
  5. Click the sync button

This will set all folders to “Nothing” for Download and set both checkboxes unchecked.

Does that address your issue? If not, you may need to describe it for me a bit more.


Yes, that’s what I have, lots of sync rules and downloads dotted around thousands of folders.

I think that’ll work - I think that’s setting a sync rule that says sync nothing.

Would auto-unsync eventually achieve the same, given time?

Auto unsync would not prevent new files and folders from downloading. It would eventually unsync them later, but you would still having newly added remote items downloading first. It also wouldn’t prevent items from re-downloading when you expand a folder that has auto-download sync rules applied to it.

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