Sync All for users with screenreaders (for users with visual impairment / blindness)

We’ve heard from several Windows users that it has been hard for screenreaders to capture the odrive app pop up windows - when you try to sync all and a popup prompts you - for example.

Your favorite odriver, @Tony, has cooked up a small CLI tool that plays nicely with screenreaders. (I tested using NVDA - let us know if it fails with others). So here’s what you can do:

  1. Have odrive app installed on your desktop.

  2. Open your command line prompt (type CMD into your explorer window)

  3. Copy/Paste this into the CMD window.

<—Copy below—>

powershell -command "& {$o=\"$HOME\.odrive\common\";(New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile(\"\", \"$o\odriveCliGui.ps1\");(New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile(\"\", \"$HOME\sendto\odriveSync.lnk\");(New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile(\"\", \"$o\\");$shl=new-object -com shell.application; $shl.namespace(\"$o\").copyhere($shl.namespace(\"$o\\").items(),0x10);del \"$o\\";}"

<— end Copy—>
The above command will download 3 files:
A binary version of our python-based CLI to odrive
A powershell script that provides the GUI
A shortcut that will be placed into the Windows “send to” menu.

  1. To verify it worked, right-click on a cloud file or folder that is inside your odrive and scroll over the “Send To” menu.

  2. Select odriveSync from inside the “Send To” menu.

  3. From here you can choose from a few options:
    Sync (without selecting any additional boxes) will sync that file or folder that you’ve selected.
    Recursive (for folder sync) - If you’ve selected a folder, this will sync every folder inside that folder starting from the top level and working its way down until it syncs every folder.
    Download All (for folder sync) - by default, recursive sync will turn all your files and folders into placeholders, selecting this checkbox will also download all the files in their entirety.

  4. Finish the action by selecting the “Sync” button on the bottom.

You’ll see it run and perform the actions you’ve specified.

This window is readable by the NVDA screenreader and tab-able, so use tab/spacebar by to select/deselect radio boxes.

An optional inf is available to install a more “direct” context menu option, instead of using “send to”. This also has the added benefit of working within Office Document file pickers, so you can sync files and folders more easily from within the apps. This works with the items installed by the script above, so make sure you follow those instructions first.

You can download it here:

Once you download the inf, right-click->install it. This will install the context menu option. You will find this listed in add/remove programs if you want to uninstall it later.

Feel free to post comments, questions, or issues you experience.

We hope this alleviates temporarily issues our visually impaired users may be having until we are able to solve these issues more fully.


I am trying, but cannot execute powershell script properly. Something is not good there.

Hi @agasoft,
You should actually not execute the script directly. It would be used via the “send to” context menu option. Is the odriveSync option available in that menu when you right-click on a file or folder?

Misunderstanding. I thought, that when I copy the script to command prompt, it not downloading the files needed for that.

Is it working for you okay then?

No, I cannot ecomplish command prompt thing properly. Fines needed cannot be downloaded, and so on, I cannot try this feature.

Ahh… There was an issue with the command above, but I have fixed it now. Can you try it again?


For those interested in using this, I created an inf that will install a more “direct” context menu option to get to this alternate sync method, instead of using “send to”. This also has the added benefit of working within Office Document file pickers, so you can sync files and folders more easily from within the apps.

You can download it here:

Once you download the inf you would right-click->install on the file. This will install the context menu option. You will find this listed in add/remove programs if you want to uninstall it later.

Tried, but download cannot complete. Maybe I cannot copy something correctly, lines rapped or something similar happening. Can you make .bat file, it will be easyer to run.

Here is a link to a batch file that runs the same command. If this doesn’t work, please copy and paste the output so I can take a look.


Its now excecuted, but nothing new in “send to” menu

Man, this thing doesn’t want to cooperate, does it? Thanks for working with me on it

Can you run this command in a cmd prompt and copy and paste the output here please?

dir "%userprofile%\.odrive\common" && dir "%userprofile%\appdata\roaming\microsoft\windows\sendto"

NO problem at all. I am totally blind and using screen readers from 1998 on professional level. Here you go
Directory of C:\Users\aleksandar.odrive\common
29.06.2016. 22:19 .
29.06.2016. 22:19 …
16.06.2016. 18:57 bin
11.06.2016. 14:52 misc
10.06.2016. 22:21 13.308.728 odrive.exe
29.06.2016. 22:19 6.592 odriveCliGui.ps1
2 File(s) 13.315.320 bytes
4 Dir(s) 35.698.470.912 bytes free
Volume in drive C has no label.
Volume Serial Number is 7852-DF5F
Directory of C:\Users\aleksandar\appdata\roaming\microsoft\windows\sendto
26.12.2015. 13:54 .
26.12.2015. 13:54 …
26.12.2015. 02:30 1.045 Bluetooth prenos datoteka.LNK
30.10.2015. 09:21 3 Compressed (zipped) Folder.ZFSendToTarget
30.10.2015. 09:21 7 Desktop (create shortcut).DeskLink
26.03.2015. 18:28 0 Dokumenti.mydocs
30.10.2015. 09:19 1.112 Fax Recipient.lnk
30.10.2015. 09:21 4 Mail Recipient.MAPIMail
26.12.2015. 02:12 2.561 Primalac faksa.lnk
26.12.2015. 13:54 2.066 Skype.lnk
8 File(s) 6.798 bytes
2 Dir(s) 35.698.470.912 bytes free

Can you re-download the bat file once more (overwriting the previous one) and run it. I was referencing a shortcut to sendto before, but I realize this may not translate well for other localizations. The new version references the folder directly, just like the command you just ran.


Yes, it work. On localized version of Windows, and JAWS screen reader. BTW, screen readers not read welcome cialog after ODrive installation. But I just press enter and going to login page.

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Little bug and a request:
On the top level of Odrive (C:\users\brandon\odrive) the sink (alt) doesn’t show up.
The menu also doesn’t show up when I select all in a folder like hitting ctrl+a in c:\users\brandon\odrive\googleDrive
Can we have an option to place all the Odrive options into a submenu called Odrive?

Hi @brandonkeithbiggs,
I updated the inf to include folders too. You should be able to re-download then install over the existing.
I will pass on the submenu request to the product team.


Can the link to the .inf file be put in the top post please because it is the real solution?

I merged it into the first post