Some slack channels are not synced on odrive web client

I am using odrive with my Slack workspace for the first time. I have 68 slack channels but odrive created folders for only 63 channels on its web client. 5 are missing. Any idea why? What to do?

Also, in some folders, few media files are also missing. I am not able to understand the root cause or troubleshoot for these sync errors.
Please help. Appreciate your time.

Hi @Tanvi,
Thanks for reaching out about this.

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu so that I can take a closer look.

Also, can you tell me the names of the channels and media files (at least a few of them) that are missing?

If you go to the odrive web client (, do you see the same items missing when browsing?

Hi Tony,
Diagnostic report sent –
“The diagnostic report has been sent! Local odrive status report saved to C:\Users\tanvi\odrive/current_odrive_status.txt”

Some slack channels (or folder in odrive) that are missing – “board-testing-updates” “headgear” “software_updates”

I have 157 files in “tanvi direct message channel” but I only see 144 files in direct message folder “tanvi” of odrive web client. I am unable to match image name and find out exact filenames that are missing at the moment.
Also I tried renaming pictures in slack to have better syncing in odrive (I followed a thread on how renaming might help) – but odrive sync-ed that image file with the old name.

Thanks @Tanvi!

I’m looking at a few things. Our slack integration is a little unusual because of the limits that are imposed, so some operations are not optimal. I’m seeing if anything can be optimized to provide a better experience.

For the files that are missing, it could be that they have the same name, which will end up only showing the latest version.

I can’t see a reason for the missing channels yet. Is there anything of note about these particular channels?

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Nothing. These are usual channels like any other in my workspace. I tried to analyze if files in these channels were somehow different in size or other characteristics, or the number of files were larger in number – nothing like that.

Hope you figure it out, it would really help me. Appreciate you looking into the issue.

Thanks @Tony for a quick response.

PS: I came across odrive while trying to find a solution to bulk download my slack files. Great job with the current features and UI !

Additionally, @Tony many files that are present in odrive web client are not syncing in the desktop version. I get a size mismatch error. (Attaching an image for the same)

Now I have read enough threads to see that it is likely due to the way Slack records file size. I tried renaming the pictures – didn’t help (odrive somehow didn’t take the updated name; again could be a Slack backend thing also --> where they keep the original name at their backend).

I also tried running a script to force through such files.

Is there any other solution that odrive team has come up with for this problem? Also, how can I access advanced client settings mentioned in the user guide to set ignoreSizeMismatch to true?


Hi @Tanvi,
Thanks for the additional info!

I’m working on a test build right now that I should have within the hour for you to try out. It won’t be 100%, because I need a change to our services stack, but I think it may resolve what you are seeing. I will ping you when I have it available.

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Hi @Tanvi,
Give this build a try:

For the size mismatch, you will want to look in the root of the main odrive folder (where your Slack folder is in that screenshot) and double-click to open the odrive_user_general_conf.txt.

Then change "ignoreSizeMismatch": false, to "ignoreSizeMismatch": true,

Once you change that setting you will need to restart odrive for it to take effect.

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Hey !
It does show folders for all channels in the desktop but the folders are still missing in the web client version.

Thanks for working out a different version for me. Let me try and sync everything; I will get back to you post it.

It shows “Just You” folder in “All File Types”. Folder “Everyone” is missing.

I can manage without that folder though – doesn’t really impact my work.

Hi @Tanvi,
Here is an updated build with the “Everyone” folder added back. I had disabled it until I could put a couple of checks in, since this can be a troublesome folder (ours has over 100,000 files in it).

The web client won’t be addressed until we can put this all through QA and push to our production site, but hopefully you can use the desktop client for the majority of your needs.

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Hi @Tanvi,
The web client was released today, so you should see the same thing on the web as on your desktop build.

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Highly appreciate such quick updates. These are really helpful and solved the majority of my issues.

Thanks @Tony and the odrive Team for all the efforts.


Its our pleasure @Tanvi!

I wanted to let you know that we’ve officially released these fixes now:

Please let us know if you hit any other issues or have any questions.

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These versions work very smoothly. No issues faced.

Only the files with same name instances (slack’s limitation) were an issue which is a separate matter to deal with.

Loved the odrive experience. A very efficient way to manage slack files; saved me a lot of time (if I were to do slack files back up manually). Thanks !

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Thanks @Tanvi!

This latest odrive version will add a timestamp to files with the same name, so that they can all have unique names and be synced. Did you encounter an issue with that?

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If you are talking about Windows version 6608, then yes. For example, if slack saved few image instances with the name “Image (1)”, then only one image of those instances would be saved in my odrive back up. I would have to manually check and download the other missing images.

Additionally, download name of slack images are different than what they display on their platform. But fortunately, there were very few such instances --> it majorly happens with the images you upload from mobile, especially iOS.

Hey @Tanvi!
Sorry I keep bugging you. I appreciate you continuing to respond to my constant questions. :smile: I just want to make sure we are checking all the boxes for Slack users and aren’t missing anything.

For files with the same name you should see something like this, where all of these files in this screenshot are named “Image from iOS.jpg”. The most recent version will have the original name and the others will have a timestamp added to them to give them unique names and allow them to be listed in Explorer:

Do you see that type of naming convention used anywhere in your Slack channels?

No issues, you guys did a splendid job with just a few questions. Happy to answer :slight_smile:

Yes, a lot of same name files did come like this. Missed file instance only happened when multiple images or files were named as “Image from iOS (# some number; say 17, 18, 20)”. I had to manually download, change name and copy in my folder. I have attached an example folder here – where you can see a lot of such images where I manually added some character to have a different name before moving to the folder.
By the way, during the process, I got to know that I can just add a new file to any local (desktop) slack folder and odrive will automatically upload that file to corresponding slack channel – which is awesome !

Sorry for late reply. Happy to help.

Thanks for the continued input @Tanvi!

Do you know if those items had any special characters in them (illegal Windows characters like |:?/\*"<>)? They wouldn’t show up if they did, so that would explain it. Otherwise you should’ve seen them similarly to the others.

I’ll continue to tinker around to see if I can find any strange patterns that cause an issue.

I appreciate the help. The ability to upload from Explorer/Finder is a neat feature. We should make it more clear that this is supported.