Desktop Release (06-13-2020) Win v. 6608 / Mac v. 6701

Hi odrive community,

There’s a desktop release with some Slack integration improvements and other fixes.

Win v. 6608 / Mac v.6701:

  • Slack integration fixes and improvements
    • See all files with duplicate names. Files with the same name will have a timestamp added to the name to differentiate them.
    • Support for Shared Channels
    • Support for Archived Channels
    • Error handling and rate limit handling improvements
    • 50,000 file limit, per folder, protective cap in place.
    • Bug fixes.
  • Support additional local configuration overrides (disableFSEvents, localScanIntervalSecs)
  • Mac installer bug fixes

You’ll want to use this latest build if you use our Slack integration! It’s available here if you want to get it right away before it makes it out to the autoupdater.


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