Problem unsyncing files and folders on Mountain Lion

Moved from Right-click won't work on odrive icon in icon tray (Windows 10 Anniversary)

I have the same problem with Mac Mountain Lion, I just installed Odrive and i cannot 'unsync" folders nor files.

And I cannnot find any explanation, and there is no hope for help but from the forum

Hi @laosyr2,
Please take a look at this thread here for information on older versions of OS X:

Thanks I had read that. But I am now from USA so I did not quite understand what “support” I though it meant "provide customer support, which Odrive or Apple does not provide anyway since we have to rely on Customer exchange forum.

Now I gues I should understand that Odrive does not work on any OS previous to Yosemite. And I suppose the “solution” is to uninstall Odrive,
too bad- I found it rathe rpractical so far.

[[another way for mac to force us to upgrade (free or not) to Yosemeie with all its bugs and changes.I suppose]]

Thus I understand that

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