New features and improvements!

Hi odrive folks!
We’ve had a ton of great stuff go into our releases these last few months, so I wanted to provide a little more visibility in case these were missed in the “Release Notes” section (

  • Google Team Drives support
  • Dropbox for Teams support
  • S3 compatible storage (Wasabi, DigitalOcean Spaces, etc.) support
  • B2 write support (no longer read-only)
  • Encryptor support in the odrive Agents
  • Ability to restore all items from the odrive trash
  • Ability to disable/enable background scanning
  • Support for S3 buckets with periods in the bucket name
  • Lots and lots of performance improvements, optimizations, and bug fixes

Desktop versions are generally autoupdated within a few days of release, and you can always grab the latest versions here: