ODrive Headless Sync of Encryptor Folder


I was wondering if its possible to sync the Encryptor folder locally in the headless sync mode.

I have a raspberry pi with some storage attached and would like to be able to sync from the desktop sync mode on my mac (has very little storage so requires an unsync), encrypt it remotely and decrypt it on the raspberry pi when synced.

Many Thanks,

Update: Encryptor is now supported in the odrive agents

Hi @nathanial15,
Thanks for reaching out. Currently Encryptor is not supported in Agent, but it is something we plan to add.

Thanks Tony,

Please let me know when such a tool is added, as I will hold off on going premium until then.

Many Thanks,

Any update on when this might be coming to the odrive agent? Thank you!

No news to report yet @jason.foley.