Does Encryptor work with Linux (odrive Agent)?


i have installed and my odrive aganet is running in the BG. I am using linux.

also i liked my google drive and mounted under one directory.created Encrypt from odrive dashboard.

i synced both normal google drive and Encryptor directories.

When i copy anything to Encryptor folder, it’s not syncing aith google drive. But when i co[y anything to " Google Drive" .it’s appering in google drive.

is this Encryptor is working?


Hi @bentech4you,
Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately the odrive Agent does not yet support encryption, which is why you are seeing this behavior. Encryptor is currently supported on the Windows and Mac desktop clients, only.

My apologies for the confusion.

is there any plans for linux support

Yes. We plan to add support for Encryption into Agent.

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Since new.odrive and the second gen came out, is this now supported? I’m at the point that if there is no linux & encryption, I will have to cancel the subscription (since pro subscription is tied to encryption support), which I would rather not do…

Update Encryptor is now supported in odrive agents: