ODrive won't let me Empty the Trash

My drive won’t let me empty the trash for any of my accounts (I have Google and DropBox). Any suggestions?

Do you know where this particular file resided before deleting it? Can you try restoring the file above and then trying to empty the trash again?

I mistakenly deleted a file from a protected folder. Did not realize it until I went to empty the odrive trash. Odrive correctly says that it cannot sync the delete due to lack of protections. Due to the blinking nature of the trash list I cannot scroll down to the file to restore it. What is the procedure to grab the deleted file and restore it.

We are working on a fix for this behavior. For now you can try unsyncing the parent folder of the file that was deleted. That should cause that delete command to be discarded.

We’ve released a fix to alleviate this problem–if you Empty Trash and there is a deleted item that resides in a read-only folder, it will be restored automatically (so you can just hit Empty Trash).

There are further improvements that can be made. Right now it only recovers the first of such files so you’d have to keep going back to Empty Trash. I know this isn’t ideal yet, but this first step fix is usable, especially if you only have a small number of files that were deleted in your read-only / protected folder. :wink:

The new release hasn’t been pushed to the autoupdater yet, so you would have to get it from https://www.odrive.com/add-ons/sync and run the installer (no need to uninstall the prior build before running the installer).

Hi Tony,

im working with google drive works, so we are sharing files to multiple offices.
if i delete the file not needed from my server in Malaysia it did not sync delete to cloud
because the file was created by my other office in Mexico
"cannot sync delete a file from trash due to permission"
how to get rid from it, as we need everything in the local server sync to cloud and vice versa

Hi @mazlina,
It sounds like you may be trying to delete a file that is shared with you, versus a file that you own. Unfortunately, right now, odrive cannot delete a shared file. When it tries, Google responds that the file cannot be deleted because of a permissions issue.

To get passed this, either the owner needs to delete the original file, or you can use the Google web client to delete those files.

Apologies for the inconvenience. We plan to work around this limitation in the future.

yes tony, we are sharing files therefore sometime we need to delete files and they also need to delete too.
hope ODRIVE can find a workaround soon.
if we delete those files in google web it will sync delete to physical server?

Hi @mazlina,
Yes, if you delete it within the Google web client the odrive client will pick up those changes.