Activity and activation problems with odrive on Mac

I have just started using odrive. It replaces my multiple GDrive and Dropbox accounts. Very nice.

I am using this on a Mac. I see two immediate problems …

  • The CPU usage seems to be high. Indeed, it is the highest of all my apps immediately after being activated.

odriveapp 0.9 4:08.91 16 92 550 jjw

Any thoughts on whether this is normal or not?

  • I cannot use Applescript to quit odrive properly.

tell application “odrive” to quit --> closes menubar but keeps odrive active (as seen in Activity Monitor)

Any reason this should not work to quit odrive properly? Alternatively, what is the proper Applescript syntax to cause odrive to quit completely?

odrive version … 5091
Mac OSX 10.11.3


Thanks for the report. The initial high CPU is expected, but it should calm fairly quickly and then stay that way unless you are actively syncing. Are you seeing persistently high CPU?

We are taking a look at the quit scenario to see if there is something that can be adjusted there.


Regarding your second issue… We just released a new build which is available from that should support using Applescript to quit the odrive application. Can you give it a shot and let us know if it works for you?

osascript -e 'tell application "odrive" to quit'


I’ll track this over the coming week. Thanks for the prompt reply.


The Applescript command “quit” now works to kill the odriveapp too. Thank you!


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