How do I link multiple accounts of the same type? (You already have that account linked.)



When I try to link a 2nd account with the same service, it always tries with the account I already have linked:
“You already have that account linked.”

How do I link more than one account?

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etc, etc…

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When trying to link a 2nd, 3rd, etc… account for a service, you need to make sure you are logged out of any accounts you already have linked, first.

  1. Go to the service’s own web client and make sure you are completely logged out.
    Amazon Drive:

  2. Go to and link your desired account.

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Under Manage Storage, I need to add a second Google Drive account folder (the whole reason I’m trying this service!) but the automatic storage addition tool thinks I’m adding the same Google Drive folder over and over and doesn’t show any other options. Maybe the problem is that I’m logged in via Google? Is there any way to add two completely different Google accounts (with different logins)?


Hi @linds310,
Please take a look at the post above.


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Please take a look at the above post here: How do I link multiple accounts of the same type? (You already have that account linked.)