Can I use free odrive to simply sync/download all cloud files?

I know the premium version allows more control over the features, however, I cant figure out if the free version will allow me to simply sync and download all of my gdrive.

The reason for the need for a 3rd party app is to allow access to multiple gdrive accounts at the same time, so I can manage my families camera roll. I simply want to download 2 gdrive account to local storage, so dont need any unsync/reclaim feature offered by premium.

Does the free version just provide placeholder access to online files, which are downloaded upon access?


You can use the free version to do this. You will want to link both Google Drive accounts and then use “sync all” to download the contents.

ok so lets say after I downloaded 5 GB worth of data on my pc using free version.

Can I just upload all my edited data online and then delete all the 5GB data on my pc to save space?

I don’t know because I am currently not there yet… still using premium so really don’t know what its like until its over.

I mainly want to save disk space

See my response here: