Encryption for the Linux CLI Agent


i use your Windows Client for about 1 month now. It works very well for daily used files. All files are encrypted on Amazon Cloud Drive. I would like to use the odrive CLI Agent now on linux for bigger backup files and sync them automatically. But i can´t see any encryption funcionality like in the windows desktop agent. Is there a plan to integrate this functionality and if so when?

best regards


Hi @Reini,
Encryption is not currently supported in Agent, but it is planned. We do not have a date for release yet.


Is there any estimate you can give us? This is a feature that I would really like.


Any further ideas on when this might be available?


Hi @cdl,
It is tied into the large-scope development we are doing, so no estimates at this time.


+1. Really need this feature


+1 I would love to see this feature!